Our Focus

Published: January 7th, 2016

Category: Featured

The Wynn laboratory is focused on the investigation of neonatal-specific innate immune cellular function and inflammatory signaling during sepsis as well as development of novel therapeutic immunomodulatory strategies aimed at improving sepsis outcomes. Sepsis represents a significant clinical problem in the developmentally immature preterm neonate where attack rates may reach 60 percent with a 40 percent rate of death/major disability in developed countries. We employ both preclinical mechanistic investigations in association with observational human studies to improve our understanding of the neonatal-specific host response to sepsis. We use a wide variety of molecular and genetic techniques to interrogate the immune response via in vivoex vivo, and in vitro approaches. Applications of our work include improving the accuracy of sepsis diagnostic methods, identification of prognostic and clinical stratification markers, and discovery of potential opportunities for translational interventions aimed at improving infection-related outcomes.

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